«Magic of ARTS»
NOVEMBER 1,2020 - DESEMBER 10,2020

Competition is held in a distance form, becouse COVID-19



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Magic is believing in yourself.
And when you do that, you do everything else.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Stepan Bannov (Russia)
Choreographer, artist
Artist of the Chelyabinsk theater of contemporary dance. Teacher of the choreography Department of the South Ural state Institute of arts named after P. I. Tchaikovsky.

Choreographer, teacher of the theater of Dance miniatures "Hi-Tech". As a choreographer and plastic Director, he collaborates with the Mannequin theater, the Chelyabinsk Chamber theater, and the Chelyabinsk Youth theater.
Elena Muenster (Germany - Berlin)
Musician-organist, pianist, teacher, choir Director.
Graduate of the Russian Academy of music. The Gnessins. Scholar and laureate of international and all-Russian competitions.
Church musician-organist. Founder and Director of the first children's choir that sings in the gospel style "GospelKids". (Berlin)
Author of the method of playing the piano. Teacher of the piano. Prepares students for admission to the Karl Philipp Emanuel Bach music gymnasium ( Das Musikgymnasium Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach) and the Georg-Friedrich-Händel-Gymnasium in Berlin. Winner of the competition for organists.
Svyatoslav Khazov (Russia)
Entertainer, presenter, singer, author of concert programs
Art Critic
Artist Of The Chelyabinsk State Philharmonic Society" Author and host of concerts "Voice of big events" - (Governor's Inaugurations, Ceremonies and International forums with the participation of top Officials of States and regions;" voice " of the Victory parade) Public speech coach.
Winner of the prize of the legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region in the field of culture and art.
Irina Sekerina (Russia)
Associate Professor, Candidate of pedagogical Sciences.
Candidate of pedagogics Associate Professor of the Department of musical art of the Moscow City pedagogical University Founder and head of the largest vocal school in Moscow (10 branches)
• in 2011, she defended her dissertation, which includes developments in a unique vocal technique for voice production with zero skills.
• Personally trained hundreds of students to perform at international venues from China to the United States
• Author of more than 50 textbooks for Universities and more than 35 research papers on voice and vocals in well-known Russian scientific journals
• Winner of international vocal competitions in Italy and Spain
Roman Sevastyanov (Russia)
Pianist, winner of international competitions, soloist of the Philharmonic, leader of the Milonga Orquesta tango orchestra.
Russian pianist, winner of international competitions and festivals. Conducts active concert activities in Russia and abroad. He graduated from RAM them. Gnessinykh (Moscow), class of Professor Vera Borisovna Nosina, assistant-internship, class of Professor and rector of the UGC named after M. P. Mussorgsky Shkarupa V. D. (Yekaterinburg). During His training, R. Sevostyanov took master classes with such famous musicians as V. Nosina (Russia), E. Levitan (Russia), Yu. Rozum (Russia), Yu. Bogdanov (Russia), Yu. Slesarev (Russia), M. Lidsky (Russia), R. Muradyan (Russia), A. Yasinsky (Poland), Z. Niederdorfer-Polyakova (Slovakia), K. Kenner (USA), ya. Djevecki (Poland), R. Salinas (Spain), and others.
Polina Sergienko (Russia)
Composer, member of the Union of composers of Russia, pianist
The candidate of pedagogical Sciences.
Winner of International and All-Russian competitions. Author of music of different genres.
Organizer and participant of music festivals in Europe and Russia.
Karina Khazova (Russia)
TV Presenter, Director, drama actress
TV Presenter, drama actress Host of the program "Our morning" on the TV channel OTV. The Director of the drama. Actress. Teacher of stage speech and acting skills.

Semionidi Elena (Russia)
Associate Professor, Professor of the Department of musical art of THE Crimean University of culture, arts and tourism"
Winner of all-Russian and International competitions, winner Of the international competition named after G. V. Sviridov (Kursk), winner of The international competition of vocalists named after Bellini (Italy), winner Of the international contest of Russian romance named after I. Yurieva (Tallinn, Estonia), etc.

Founder and Chairman Of the international competition of young vocalists "Orpheus" (Chelyabinsk), Chairman and member of the jury of numerous International and all-Russian competitions.
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