International online competition "MAGIC of ARTS"
NOVEMBER 1,2020 - DESEMBER 10,2020

International multi-genre online competition "MAGIC of ARTS": NOVEMBER 1,2020 - DESEMBER 10,2020

Applications are accepted up to December 10, 2020

General provisions:

International multi-genre online competition «MAGIC of ARTS» is a unique contest for performers in the arts, which is aimed at identifying talented artists in different styles and directions, with the aim of further creative support, promotion, assistance in creative realization. The competition actively cooperates with creative colleges and Universities in Russia, and is aimed at supporting and developing talented musical performers.

Participating in the competition «MAGIC of ARTS» you receive master classes from music industry professionals, master classes with laureates of International Competitions and Festivals, university professors, leading soloists of Russia, participants of «Voice» projects and a lot of interesting things for your creative growth.

You have a unique opportunity to win participation in festivals and competitions in Russia and Germany.

Competition aims and objectives:

• Preservation, development and promotion of the musical heritage and traditions of national and world music culture.
• Creation of creative contacts between collectives and managers.
• Identification and support of talented young performers, improvement of professional skills.
• Creation of unique conditions for creative realization of performers, identification, development and promotion of artists, musical accompaniment as mentors and assistance in creative implementation.
• Creation of a creative base for the realization of musical projects.

We will help you to preserve, develop and direct your talent!!!

Regulations of the competition:

- Video recordings of competitive performances are accepted from November 1, 2020 to December 10, 2020.
- The performance of the contestants is evaluated by a jury from December 10, 2020 to December 15, 2020
The decision of the jury will be published on the website of the online competition "MAGIC of ARTS»
Distribution of certificates, diplomas and gifts up to January 15, 2021.


- Vocal art: academic vocals, pop vocals, jazz, folk vocals (solo, ensemble, choir).
- Instrumental performance (piano, string instruments, wind instruments, folk instruments, percussion instruments) – solo, ensembles.
- Choir singing (academic, folk)
- Choreography (children's choreography – up to 10 years, classical choreography, folk dance, stylized dance, pop-sports dance, pop dance, jazz, modern dance, ballroom dancing, dance show).
- Artistic word – prose, poetry, fairy tale, literary and musical composition. Divided into solo / ensemble (duets, trios, quartet, etc.)
- Theatre genre – (dramatic, musical, puppet). A work of small stage forms, performances, sketches, scenes from performances and plays, which are compositively finished in the form.
- Mixed ensembles and orchestras, variety and symphony ensembles and orchestras
- Composition, improvisation
- Amateur musician (adults without special musical education, with a copy of the diploma of non – specialized education from the Specialized Secondary School or University)

Competitive nominations: choir singing, theatre genre, mixed ensembles, pop and Symphony orchestras are not divided into age categories!!!!

Everyone can take part in the contest!

Age categories:

Category I up to 9 years old, up to 6 minutes
Category II from 10 to 11 years (inclusive) and younger, up to 6 minutes
Category III from 12 to 13 years (inclusive) and younger, up to 7 minutes
Category IV from 14 to 15 years (inclusive) and younger, up to 8 minutes
Category V from 16 to 19 years (inclusive) and younger, up to 10 minutes
Category VI from 20 to 25 years (inclusive) and younger, up to 12 min.
Category VII from 26 to 30 years (inclusive) and younger, up to 12 min.
Category VIII from 31 years and above, up to 12 min.

Age of participants is determined on September 1, 2020.

Age categories for ensembles - duets, trios are determined by the oldest participant, or by the larger number of students (choreographic groups, orchestras, choirs).

Competition program:

All categories and nominees have ONE expanded work, or TWO contrasting works.
It is allowed to record from different CONCERTS and performances of the same period.
It is allowed to perform one large work (3-4 private sonatas, concerts, trios, quartets, quintets) within a set time, ± a few minutes.

Nomination "Composition": one piece of any genre and instrumental composition can be submitted to the contest. A PDF score and video recording are required (mp3, wav, and MIDI audio files are also accepted). The total sound time is no more than 10 minutes.

It is allowed to participate in several nominations, each of which is paid separately.

Prizes and awards

The Competition jury awards the prizes and special awards – Recordings of a phonogram, gift certificates, certificates, diplomas, trophies etc.
Promotes and distributes professional orientation advisory programs.
Organizes master-classes, free online webinars, online lessons.
Selects participants for projects and festivals in Sochi - Spring 2021, Festival Germany – Berlin - May 2021 (preliminary).

1. Online application is sent directly from the site.

The following documents must be submitted for the competition no later than December 1, 2020 (inclusive):
- Online application completed
- Video link for the competition (You-tube,, or video file by e-mail:
- Scanned copy (or photo) of a birth certificate or a passport page with personal data
- Scanned copy (or photo) of the payment confirmation of donation (form).
- Nomination Musician- amateur (over 18 years of age, without special musical education) – a copy of the document on education (secondary, higher education institution not creative Specialized Secondary School or University).

2. Or the entire package of documents is sent to the following email:


If you participate in several nominations, each application is processed and paid separately.

Requirements for video recordings:

It is allowed to record from different CONCERTS and performances of the same period.

Subsequent processing of video and audio recordings is not allowed!

During the recording, use the "live", natural acoustics of the hall, classroom or room.
During the performance of the program, the performer's hands, instrument, and face must be visible on the video.
Video recordings during examinations, tests, public and concert performances are accepted.
Videos must be posted on YouTube with the following title:

International competition "MAGIC of ARTS" - your name, age, country

Example: International competition "MAGIC of ARTS" - Mark Schmidt, 16 years old, Germany.

All video materials are available on the contest website in the public domain!

The Organizing Committee has the right to use and distribute (without payment of participants' fees) video recordings, printed and other products produced during the competition events and following its results (face-to-face and correspondence competitions, recordings and videos with information about the performer).

The Organizing Committee is not responsible to the Participant for the loss of documents, other materials and any damage resulting from actions taken by the Participant or a third party.

The Organizing Committee is not responsible to the Participants for inaccurate or incorrect documents.

Registration fee for participation in the competition:

Payment terms: until Deсember 1, 2020

I-VIII age groups, from 16 years inclusive (students of Secondary and Higher musical institutions, teachers of primary, secondary and higher level) – 25€
Ensembles (duet, trio, quartet, quintet) - 35 €.
Choir, mixed ensembles and orchestras, pop and symphony ensembles and orchestras-35 €

Choreographic groups:

solo – 25 € (I-IV age groups); 30 € (V-VIII age groups).
Duet, trio, Quartet – 30 €
A group of 5 - 14 people - 50€, a team of 15 or more – 60 €

The application is considered registered from the moment of payment for the participation

Additional fees for postal services in Russia (sending prizes, medals, certificates, letters of gratitude) are not provided!

For participants of the neighboring countries, an additional 5 € is paid for international mailings.

Additional services
Additional services are NOT mandatory, calculated and ordered individually!

For participants performing in creative groups, it is possible to order the personalized diploma (one diploma is awarded with the indication of the collective) - 5 € for foreign citizens. In this case you need to contact the organizing Committee with a list of full names of participants by email:


The competition jury consists of artists and cultural workers, musicians, performers and representatives of show business.
The jury's decision is final and not subject to revision.
Performances are evaluated using a 100-point system.
The jury reserves the right to divide places, to award not all places, and award special prizes.
The jury has the right to select the best concert numbers of the final Gala concert (if it is held).

The jury selects nominees for creative schools in Sochi (Dagomys), and further participation in open festivals and competitions in Russia and Germany.

The jury awards the prizes and special awards – the Recording of a phonogram, gift certificates, certificates, diplomas, trophies etc.

The jury also promotes and provides consultative orientation programs, organizes the master - classes, and free online webinars, online lessons.

Prizes and awards:

Following the results of the competitive audition, the jury distributes prizes in each category and age group. Contestants are evaluated based on the points scored and are awarded the following titles in the categories.

- Grand prix
- Laureates of I, II, III degrees
The first prize and the title of laureate is awarded to participants who scored 90-100 points.
The second prize and the title of laureate is awarded to participants who scored 80-89 points
The third prize and the title of laureate is awarded to participants who scored 70-79 points.
The diploma and the title of diploma holder is awarded to participants who have scored at least 60 points.

Other participants receive a certificate for participation in the competition.


Diplomas, certificates, and valuable gifts to participants of the International multi-genre online competition "MAGIC of ARTS" will be sent to the address specified in the application until January 15, 2021.

All contestants will be awarded with DIPLOMAS, MEMORABLE PRIZES, LETTERS of Gratitude to TEACHERS AND CONCERTMASTERS without exception.

Diploma "Best teacher" (teachers who trained the winners of the Grand Prix and laureates of the first degree).
Diploma "Teacher who trained the winner" (teachers who trained the winners of the II and III degrees).
Diploma "Teacher who trained a diploma holder" (teachers who trained diploma holders of I, II and III degrees).
Diploma "Best team leader" (team leaders who won the Grand Prix and the first place).
Diploma "Best accompanist" (accompanists owners of Grand Prix and laureates of I degree).

The number of titles of the winner of 1, 2, 3 degrees is not limited.


Participation in the festival implies unconditional consent of the participants to all paragraphs of this provision and also means the consent of the participant to the processing, storage and use of personal information (name, age, place of work, place of study, city of residence, personal picture of the citizen) in the technical documentation of the festival on paper and electronic media, and consent to the publication of this information on the Internet, on official sites of the International creative online competition "the MAGIC of ARTS".

Failure to comply with the terms of this Provision will result in exclusion from participation in the festival.

The organizers reserve the right to make changes and additions to the terms and program of the competition.

Visit our page:
Telegram, WhatsApp: 8-961-78-50-262

Full Name of participant or the creative team's name The organization (will be indicated in the diploma) e-mail and contact phone Full name of teacher, indicating the degree and titles (will be indicated in the diploma) Contact phone number (with city or country code) e-mail Country, city, address for receiving certificates and prizes Information about the performance Category and genre Age group (date of birth) Composition Time of composition Additional wishes Letters of gratitude second leaders, accompanists Information about the performing team Number of team members List of children: Full name We award personal diplomas to each member of the team

ATTENTION! The data indicated in the application is automatically sent to the layouts for the DIPLOMA! We do not check spelling and correct legal names of institutions, etc.

Please check all data when filling in the application! Repeat diplomas, in case of incorrect information in the application, are paid additionally!


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